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  Remember those Carnival games you played as a kid and never won anything? Now that you're older and wiser, you know why. The Shooting Gallery BB Guns with bent barrels. Ring toss on bottles, but the rings you tossed were only a little larger than the neck of the bottles. Coin Toss on glass dishes sprayed with cooking oil? Weighted Milk Bottle Throw?

Fishing with Lures is kind of the same...Below is your answer why....

       Please Practice Conservation. Teach and Demonstrate Catch and Release.   

                  Your Immediate Future of Fishing Depends on this!

       Almost all existing fishing lures have the same type of connections between the attachment points to hooks that allows random 360 Degree play between each of the connecting components or segments(The more connections, the more play) The hooks and connecting segments are not aligned and are allowed to randomly move about by themselves and freely within each other’s boundary circumferences. Each connecting segment contains 2-5MM of circular 360 Degree rotational movement.                      

          The chances are great, that any or all of the segments will move before the hook is set, resulting in a lost fish or missed Hookset.

                        When a lure is paused during the retrieve the hooks and split ring will fall down(Due to gravity) and stop being aligned.                    

     The fishing line, lure, connecting segments(on the lure), and the lure’s hook ALL have to be aligned AT THAT SPLIT SECOND before a proper Hookset can occur.                                               

      The HASsleeve takes away ALL the slack between each of the connecting segments and aligns the hook, so it is aligned at all times and are ready to penetrate immediately upon impact with a fish’s mouth, yet the Sleeve still allows the Hook to still move freely(To move back and forth like a tail). Upon a fish opening its mouth and inhaling the lure, the hook and connecting components are already perfectly aligned for an immediate Hookset. Whether the lure is in motion or suspended and stopped in the water. Fish On!